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George Hossfeld
2018-12-31, 14:13
Loved the book! Helped make a lot of photo opportunities happen.
Martha F.
2018-12-30, 20:53
We will carry your book with us on our next WV trip. We have seen a number of waterfalls in WV and look forward to finding more. We love WV.
Savannah from Amazon Purchase
2018-12-30, 17:29
Truly beautiful work. and love the GPS coordinates. If I can't see the waterfalls in person, this is the next best thing!
Susan Moser
2018-12-30, 17:28
Excellent West Virginia waterfall guide book!!

Awesome waterfall Guide Book!! Beautiful photos and excellent descriptions, GPS locations and maps!! Well done!! Thank you Rick for your effort to develop a comprehensive West Virginia waterfall book.
M. Lopez
2018-12-30, 17:27
If you live in WV and love waterfalls, a must. Over 200 sights. Use GPS coordinates and you are there. First time I used it I just open the car door and I was there.
Jackie H. Buchanan from Amazon Purchase
2018-12-30, 17:26
An excellent book. A must have for anyone looking for a resource for the waterfalls of West Virginia. Clear directions and GPS coordinates. I highly recommend purchasing this book!
"E" from an Amazon Purchase
2018-12-30, 17:25
As an avid waterfaller, I am very pleased with this book. I've taken several trips to West Virginia to visit waterfalls. The directions in this guide are clear and I love having waypoints to use for off-trail hiking. The maps are a great addition and make it easy to plan trips. The beautiful photographs have me planning more trips, particularly as there are several waterfalls in this guide that I missed on my last trips. This is an excellent guide to West Virginia waterfalls.
Thomas "The Badger" Mabry
2018-12-30, 17:14
Badger knows what you Real Waterfall Chasers are thinking ... what would Badger believe is the Next Frontier of Southern Waterfall Chasing? Take a look at Rick Hartigan’s seminal new ”West Virginia Waterfalls” book, which is loaded with just enough information and excellent coverage of Almost Heaven’s falling water to make a waterfaller’s Day. The book is now a prized possession of Badger, and a Must Have for your Library ...