Several items have been found to be incorrect since the publication of the book.  Most books that have been directly ordered from this site contain the following insert.  If you bought from Amazon, or prior to the discovery of these mistakes, please copy and print the following.

Thank you for purchasing my book. I hope you find it of value and that you enjoy working with it as you travel Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

Since publication, several mistakes have been detected.

1.The route number indicated for Dry Run Falls (page 69) is incorrect. It should read “(CR 25)“ instead of “(CR 29)“.

2. Instructions for the trail to Craig Branch Falls is incorrect. Follow these directions instead:

Park at the Kaymoor parking lot. Follow the “Kaymoor Miner’s Trail” down to the mine site. You will go down some steep stairs and come to a flat level area that looks like a road. Before you lies the ominous 863 wooden stairs that descend to the river below. If you’re up for it, be my guest, but that’s not where the falls are. Turn right at the flat level area onto the “Kaymoor Trail”. It looks like a road. Follow it for just over a mile to where it crosses Craig Branch.

3. There is no photo credit for the image of myself on the back cover. That image was taken by Mr. Dan Pater, one of my good hiking buddies.